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Eaglepoint Ranch

Eaglepoint Ranch Vineyard

This 80+ acre vineyard is situated at an 1800 foot elevation that keeps temperatures down 5 to 10 degrees cooler than Mendocino's flatlands. Hillsides of decomposed sandstone with veins of red loam keep vigor in check. Petite sirah grapes are currently producing the best wines from Eaglepoint Ranch. Showing blackberry, blueberry and floral aromatics combined with graphite and mineral elements, this petite is truly something special.

From the very start Eaglepoint Ranch was not like other vineyards. The plan, devised by visionary horticulturist John Scharffenberger in the mid 70s, was hatched well before the term biodiversity was in vogue with grape growers. The vineyards of Eaglepoint Ranch are split into 29 small blocks totaling only 85 acres of vines on a ranch that is spread over 1,200 acres of rugged mountainous terrain in Mendocino County. Positioning the small vineyard blocks in only the most advantageous locations while preserving the forest, streams, and natural wildlife habitat makes Eaglepoint Ranch stand out from most vineyards planted at the time where land was cleared and vines planted fencepost to fencepost. It might cost more to farm these small mountaintop blocks of vines but the payoff is evident in the bottle.

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White Hawk Vineyard

This impressive Santa Barbara vineyard is 21 miles west of the Pacific and 2 miles north of Los Alamos. It's planted at 900 feet elevation on pure sand that immediately drains off water and nutrients and forces the vines to work extra-hard to survive. The syrah has a strong core of acidity complemented by elements of meat and blackberries. They custom farm using sustainable and primarily organic viticulture. The yields are miniscule, the berries intense and we're counting the days until the wine is wrapped in bottles.

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Alder Springs Vineyard

Alder Springs Vineyard

Located over three hours north of San Francisco, this vineyard relies on elevations as high as 2700 feet for a cooling effect. This vineyard grows a number of varietals and the owner Stu Bewley is smart, nice and passionate about what he does. The vines are all planted on steep hillsides with a combination of Scott Henry and Smart Dyson trellising systems with vine density as much as 3300 vines per acre.

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